The Difference Between a Mature women and a Milf

The Difference Between a Mature Woman & a MILF

No one would have ever expected that the MILF acronym, would become so popular. What started out as joke in a movie, has turned into a world-wide phenomenon. MILF first went to the adult world where it quickly found a following. MILF porn videos instantly became the rage in adult sites. So much so, that the phrase soon went mainstream. Today, you will find tons of people talking about MILFs. But, there’s a large misconception when it comes to MILFs and mature women. Many think both are the same or fall under the same category. While that may be true to some extent, it is not always so. Even pornography has managed to separate the two in some cases.

So what are the differences between mature women, cougars and a MILF? It depends on whom you ask. Still, for the most part, MILFs and mature women should not always be grouped together. In part, that’s because not all MILFs are mature or old. After all, the acronym MILF stands for a “Mom I’d Like To Fuc*.” That means that girls as young as 18 or less, can be considered MILFs if they are moms. All it takes is to have a baby and you can fall into the MILF bracket. It is why you find so many young adults who are regarded as MILFs.

One must keep in mind that for a teenager, a woman who is in her 20s and has a baby, is a MILF. At the same time, adult sites are the ones who are responsible for the entire MILF sensation. People who became fascinated with sexually explicit content depicting older women, searched the internet. What they found was that typing in the word MILF, provided better results. Tons of the MILF porn videos found online today prove that. The vast majority of them are of women who are in fact mature. Or at least older than 30 years of age.

On the other hand, a mature woman can be in her 30s, 40s or older. And she can also be a granny or grandmother. A large portion of the mature women porn have females of all ages. But, many of them are grannies or cougars. A cougar is more closely matched with a mature woman than with a MILF. That’s because unlike a mom or MILF, a cougar has no kids. If she does have any, they are probably too old for the cougars to care for them anyway.

Cougars don’t have any family responsibilities like a mother does. Additionally, many of the MILFs people fantasize about are married. Or they are in a relationship which is why they are moms in the first place. Still, in the porn world, mature women have been lumped in with MILFs. In order to separate the two, related searches or extra keywords can be used to do so. For example, lesbian MILF seduces teen is a commonly used term in adult sites. Part of that is because of so many people looking for that particular type of porn video.

A way to show how porn has managed to clump in MILF and mature together is by the pornstars. Many of the mature women pornstars who had long retired from the adult industry, came back roaring. Today, a large portion of them are more popular than in their heyday. When the mature porn videos of these women are tagged, they contain several. Mature being one and MILF being the other. Interviews with these aging pornstars shows that as well. Some of them are asked how they feel about being referred to as “MILFs” by their fans.

Regardless of what you believe in, there is no denying the impact mature women and MILFs have had on several fronts. They have completely changed the porn industry and mainstream society. As it stands now, dating sites have long since included mature and MILF to their tags or defining terms. Although some women don’t enjoy being called MILFs, it doesn’t stop them from being so. Just like an older woman doesn’t stop being mature. Whether you want to see mature porn or MILF porn videos, either will serve its purpose. Both deliver hot and sensuous women who look great for their age.