How To Date An Older Woman


Here’s the thing, men mature emotionally and intellectually usually by around their early 30s. While women, they mature in their early 20s. That’s why, it’s very easy for guys to date women that are 10 or 15 years younger and get along just fine. But the same isn’t true when younger guys try to date an older woman especially when they’re not technically there or not matured like she is.

In addition, men are different from women when it comes to connecting on the level of sexuality and intimacy. Thus, not all older women would choose to go out with younger guys. On the other hand, it happens particularly when a woman is in her ‘cougar stage’. They will go out with younger guys just because they’re younger and it’s like a badge of honor for them.

Older woman dating a younger man, does it really work? Well the fact is, there are all kinds of people who are completely attracted to an older woman and a lot of older women really dig younger men. Biologically, they are actually better suited sexually because men are more vigorous when they’re younger and women start to get into their sexual prime when they’re older. So, yes it works!

If you’re a young guy interested in dating older women, it may be worth taking a look at these tips;

Don’t Play The Age Card

When your excuses for lame behavior are always around your age difference, that’s definitely a big NO for dating older women. You shouldn’t even joke about the age difference because although she might laugh along with you, you never know when someone is really sensitive about their age. So, it’s better to be on the safe side.

Man Up

When a woman is dating a younger man, what she’s really afraid of is when she’s doing all that initiating or making all the decisions, which make her feel less and less like a woman. So, man up, you should be the one initiating dates and suggesting new ideas. That way, she has something to learn from you as well. Moreover, know what your relationship is, what you want out of that relationship and how it helps you grow.

Be Proud Of Her

Treat her like an arm candy sometimes. There’s always this stereotype that men like to flaunt their younger girlfriend and treat them like arm candy. Well, if you’re proud with your older woman, then you should flaunt her as well. She would love to hear that and makes her feel desirable too.

Change Your Perspective

Instead of thinking you’re dating someone older than you, you should be thinking that you’re dating someone who has different life experiences than you. This way, it takes the pressure off that age difference.

Uplift Her Mood

Sometimes, older women are really afraid to undress in front of younger men. Sometimes they forget these men are pursuing them. But their confidence, assurance, the fact that they don’t whine, they’re not drama queens, they have their own money and they know what they want are what make them really attractive. Remind her about these positive qualities she has, so things can relax.

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