How To Date An Older Woman

Here’s the thing, men mature emotionally and intellectually usually by around their early 30s. While women, they mature in their early 20s. That’s why, it’s very easy for guys to date women that are 10 or 15 years younger and get along just fine. But the same isn’t true when younger guys try to date […]

What Young Males Can Offer Older Women?

There are several concerns about cougars or grown women in their 40s or 50s who prefer to date and explore sexual activities with younger individuals. Hollywood icons like Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, and Jennifer Aniston have dated and are currently dating men who are younger than them. According to a licensed family therapist in […]

Where Did The Term Milf Come From?

Most likely you have heard the word MILF in a movie, music, or in day-to-day conversation and wondered what exactly the term means. Where did it originate from? Let’s reveal! MILF is an acronym that denotes “Mom/Mama/Mother I’d Like to Fuck”. Its usability has gone from comparatively vague to mainstream in the entertainment and media. […]