What Young Males Can Offer Older Women?

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There are several concerns about cougars or grown women in their 40s or 50s who prefer to date and explore sexual activities with younger individuals. Hollywood icons like Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, and Jennifer Aniston have dated and are currently dating men who are younger than them. According to a licensed family therapist in Long Beach, California, other motivations that underlie in these dating choices are physical attractiveness of older women despite their age, and they find younger men more appealing, pleasant, and experimental.


Biologically speaking, men approach their sexual prime in their late teen years due to increasing level of testosterone, while women become more sexually active commonly in their 40s or the perimenopausal period. This kind of relationship or the cougar stigma has been a subject of several misconceptions and stereotypes in the past and even today. Some people believe that younger men can quickly replace older women with the younger ones, and their relationship will not persist. The people involved share mutual advantages in their relationship. Listed below are some things that younger men give to their older partners.


  1. Appreciation


Older women have gained life experiences — emotionally and financially — learned from their mistakes, and handled difficult situations from their past. Younger men appreciate their knowledge, self-possession, sharp intellect, achievements, and different perspective. They also believe that women in their old age are emotionally stable, independent, and mature.


  1. Experimentation


Dating younger men can be enjoyable for older women because of their spontaneous date ideas. Some younger men are less compensated — compared to older men — to take their partners in luxurious dates and give them expensive presents. They can utilize this shortcoming into an advantage by impulse. These men can invite their partners to hike or go on an inexpensive date immediately without any plans. They can also go to great lengths to satisfy you sexually with tremendous stamina that can persist all night long.


  1. Less Serious, More Fun


Several research studies in psychology have proven that surrounding yourself with pleasant people and a younger company will make you feel fresh and stress-free. Older men have several engagements including their careers, credit card debts, payments, or even with their children. These can contribute to the stress level of men, which may alter their behavior towards their partner. Meanwhile, younger men may influence their partners to have some drinks on a bar and hang with his friends until late night when there are excessively many responsibilities on their plates. 


  1. Less Baggage


The life experience of older men of at least thirty-five years of age includes their former relationships, commitment issues, and unresolved concerns that hurt them in the past. Meanwhile, some younger men are baggage-free and full of optimism that influences and offers a new perspective on older women.


  1. Bedroom Stamina


It is proven scientifically that as age increases, sexual drive decreases. For men, they have lower libido as they age compared to women in her 40s who is on her sexual peak due to their hormonal changes. Older men tend to date younger men due to their resilience, active libido, greater stamina, and sexual curiosity.

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